The Boy Without a Fairy

Living amongst the Kokiri, fairy children of the forest guarded by the Great Deku Tree, Link stood out as the boy without a fairy. Most Kokiri thought he was strange for not having a fairy and would purposely avoid him. Growing up in the forest was rather difficult. He most likely had a difficult time making any friends and was isolated and even bullied by others, especially the self-appointed leader Mido. Saria became Link's only friend in Kokiri Forest, much to Mido's chagrin.

One morning, Link finally gets to meet his own guardian fairy, Navi, who informs him that he has been summoned by the Great Deku Tree. Unbeknownst to him, Navi serves a very specific purpose, beyond the one inherent to all other fairies granted to each Kokiri. She is specifically assigned to guide Link in fulfilling his destiny to save Hyrule. Most of the Kokiri are overjoyed to see Link finally receive his own fairy, happily giving him pointers on how to properly use his new fairy companion (in-character gameplay tutorials for the player, so to speak). Only Mido, who is in charge of guarding the path to the Great Deku Tree, still refuses to acknowledge Link as one of the Kokiri, and does not allow Link to pass without appropriate equipment (which he presumably didn't expect to be found).

When Link first meets the Great Deku Tree, he quickly learns of the curse inflicted upon it by the hands of an evil man from the desert. With almost no explanation or prior experience, Link accepts the request to lift the curse. At this point, the Great Deku Tree already knows that it is past saving, but still calls upon Link in order to determine whether the boy is ready to be the hero that Hyrule would soon need. After Link defeats Gohma, the monster nesting within the tree, he learns that the evil Ganondorf most likely desires the Triforce so as to grant himself unopposable power to conquer the world with. The Great Deku Tree presents Link with the Kokiri's Emerald, the treasure that Ganondorf desires, and instructs him to find the Princess in Hyrule Castle. Shortly after, the tree withers away. Being summoned by the Great Deku Tree is among the highest honors to the Kokiri, but they begin to question Link and even blame him for the death of their guardian since he was the last to be summoned. Link is the first fairy child to depart from the forest, leaving behind Saria and the only home he has known.

While Link accepts his destiny, his journey is not without struggle and sadness. Throughout his adventure, he has to come to terms with a new identity as he is not the fairy child of the forest he'd been raised to believe, repetitive abandonment by those he'd formed special bonds with, and the loss of his childhood. He heroically risks his own life for Hyrule, a world that isolates him and forgets about his sacrifice.

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